Tuesday, February 12, 2013

for you ♥

assalamualaikum, update blog kali nie untuk sampai satu hajat yang tak tercapai, haha. motif gambar nie? no motif. tiba-2 tengok gmbar nie mcm cantik pulak. hehe. btw last saturday is our 7 month anniversary. yeahh, 7 month tak lahh legend lagi kan but to me its too meaningful when you have been 7 month weyh with someone you love the most :') dah banyak benda kteorg share sama-2. having a bitter sweet moment together for 7 month. im glad to have you MOHAMMAD ADHA B ROSLI ♥

but a bit disappointed sebab tak dapat nak wish 7 month anniversary nie. haha. sebabnya tak tengok tarikh and rasanya tertidur awal kot. before 12 dah tertidur. so mana lahh tahu dah 9/2/2013. sorry bie. so now belum terlambat lagi kan nak wish? for you my dearest boy HAPPY 7 MONTH ANNIVERSARY. THANKS FOR ALWAYS BEING CARE, THANKS FOR ALWAYS LOVE ME. YOU HAVE COMPLETED MY LIFE. I HAVE ONLY YOU. THANKS FOR EVERYTHING YOU DO TOWARDS ME. IM PRAY TO ALLAH IN ORDER OUR RELATIONSHIP WITHOUT END. YOU DID YOUR BEST. I LOVE YOU :*

lots of love
    -afi doufi-

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