Wednesday, September 19, 2012


this, yes this this. look at this! :D 

first of all assalamualaikum to all blogger, terdetik hati nie nak update blog bila tengok gambar nie. ini berlaku secara tiba-2, tiada paksaan dari sesiapa. okay. that guy is MOHAMMAD ADHA BIN ROSLI. almost two month we have been together. i fall in love with him so hard! yeahhhhh! :D he's a guy who always care about, make me cry, smile and laugh :) love him wasn't a mistake. kalau dulu ada je lelaki yang suka marah-2, maki hamun, tengking kte tapi dia tak pernah nk marah, nak tinggi suara dengan kte. baik tak dia? baik kan kan? dia sangat rajin melayan kerenah kanak kte nie. haha. im lucky to have you :* you're my everything. you have completed my life. thanks a lot. i love you more than word can i say, i love you more than every action i take. i'll be right here loving you till the end. you're perfect! i love you bie!

p/s:my dear, i want to be a girl who makes your bad days better, the girl that makes you say, "my life has changed since i met her" <3

sincerely,afi doufi

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